Sunday, May 15, 2016

Becoming Bloggers

I woke up at 6:50 AM, got ready, and ran out the door with a PB&J sandwich.  I got there earlier than expected and sat in the front row of computers with my friends. Soon, the tutorial started and Don began teaching us how to blog with proper formatting. He had us make a random practice blog, which we all enjoyed. After pressing random letters on the keyboard and writing about very irrelevant things, we all published our blogs. However, many people were having technical problems with editing a blog. For example, my friend Ernestina had to go outside to write a practice blog on her cellphone because the computers wouldn't allow her to. 

Afterwards, we grabbed Don's cameras and cellphones to take pictures outside. Some of us took artsy pictures of objects while others took group photos and sent them to each other. It was a fun
From left to right: me, Komal, Ernestina
break outside where we all let out the energies we had to contain while listening to instructions from Don. We then added these pictures to our old blogs and everyone laughed as we saw each others' creative  add-ons.  

Don then began telling us about all things we would need for the trip and what he could loan us. He moved on to telling us how to properly behave for the rest of the program and we all listened to every word from him.

The ILCers