Wednesday, June 1, 2016

We are LIVE!?!?!?

The school board speaking was a success. Everyone did a wonderful job at representing the ILC. My father and I got there a bit early and were having trouble figuring out where we had to go, but we found it anyways. I went in and I heard the voice all around gathered. I looked to my left and saw familiar faces. I went over and was greeted by my peers that go with me to Richmond. We started talking about how our day had been and how finals were coming us for most of us. Some of us, like me, didn’t really have any finals because our AP testing was over. It’s mostly fun for us now. We got a small idea to do for our fathers. So we all went and grabbed our fathers to make them sit together and socialize. *GASP*, I know right? As soon as they all sat down, we left so they could figure it out on their own. Everyone was all dressed up looking nice, and we headed off each in our own directions because we all ended up going with our cohort. I was the speaker of my group, and there was something that I never caught on to….it was live. I started getting nervous because it wasn’t
Excited Cohort
really that mentally prepared for it, so bad that I stood up there with 10-15 seconds of complete silence, not my high light, but I think I did well. I really liked everyone’s supportive attitude and I was really grateful to my cohort for helping me out before I went up there to talk. After the speeches, we went outside to take a big group photo which Don orchestrated. After which, my peers from high school decided to get a picture for ourselves since the set up was so nice.

Richmond Principle and Students

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