Sunday, May 15, 2016

Blogging 101 with Don Gosney

I woke up this morning knowing very well I had to be present in from of Don for the tutorial he set up for us at De Anza high school. The problem was, I woke 30 min before I had to be there. I quickly got up and my father was awake so we hopped in the car and drove off. We got to DE Anza surprisingly on time, five minutes early, in fact, considering that we both had never been there and it was early. Don went through what we were going to do as well as made us aware of the two exceptions of students that were not going to be with us because of prior events.

Jumping is not my thing
Everything was going well and we go to go outside where we took pictures of ourselves and one another, and I learned that I am not too good with jumping photos. We had a small break where everyone grabbed some chips and cookies. People are very creative. We ran into a problem with not being able to access Mediafire from the school computers, Mauricio and I tried to get things to work, but sadly we couldn’t. At least we fixed up one of the monitors on the computers

Outside photo session

In the last session of the tutorial Don gave us a breakdown that included what we should bring to the universities with us and loaner luggage that would make it less of burden for us. It was really fun, I initially thought it was going to be a drawn out single sided conversation on Don, but we all shared laughs and had a blast.

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