Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Meal With People I Won't Forget

The day started as any other day, and continued up until I got pulled out of my class by my father because I had to get ready to meet interesting funny people at the Vanderbilt dinner in San Francisco. I was really excited.

My father and I got to the park station and were met with a dazzling group of people all dressed-up and fancy. We had the basic run-down of what was about to go down. We mingled amongst each other and headed off to the city.

On the way, Jea-An and I sat together and talked about how our lives have been lately, especially with AP testing and SAT we did. While we talked, a young man in front of us turned around because we were talking about the SAT. As it turns out, he had to talk to high school students about how they prepared for SAT testing for an interview. It was a pleasant talk up until we were at our stop. We didn’t feel the time go by.

Some people’s eyes lit up as soon as we got out of the BART station with the tall monstrous buildings that towered over our heads. The construction around the corner surprised me. We walked a bit to meet the alums at the restaurant, and one by one they came.

Ms. Kronenberg Starting off the Dinner
Don called everyone’s attention and we started the dinner with the honorable Madeline Kronenberg. She opened everything up as we had everyone introduce themselves and gave a little speech. Jahnvi was representing us, the new students that were going to go to Vanderbilt over the summer.
My Father's small Speech

Everyone clapped when my father gave a little mini announcement about what he saw for me in the future. I felt happy my dad say that because he usually isn’t one to talk to a big group, and much less in a setting quite as that.

Eppa talking to us
While at the dinner I met two alums that were going to get married, Eppa Rixey and Maggie Durlacher. They are incredible people, I loved meeting them, and especially after I found out they had a small story with a friend involving a certain penguin email. Eppa works a strategic planning manager and Maggie works for a medical company. They both told me about the engineering programs at Vanderbilt, the different varieties, and pathways they all take.

Fun on all the faces

Throughout the entire event I had a wonderful time and it was a really great time. The sound that arises when there is construction site a block away from the dinner is something to compete with, but it was really joyful either way. I got really excited about Vanderbilt and the trip in general. I get along with my fellow I learned a lot and now I can’t wait for the summer.

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