Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Meet and Greet with the Peeps

Questioning Why I Got 
There Seconds Before Him
The weather was hot as I drove up Solano Ave in Albany. I saw my chaperone, Ms. Thomas, along with Jahnvi in front of Zachary’s. My dad dropped me off and I walked over to them in my pink shirt. By the time I got there, Jackie had appeared, and Jae-an was only a few seconds behind me. Turns out most got there at the exact same time.

Filling Out Questionnaires
We went in and Ms. Thomas had brought a questioner for us to talk about while the pizza was being made. The questions varied from: have you ever flown in a plane before, to what is our favorite famous person. It was really fun being able to learn about my cohorts, and chaperone as well because we didn’t let her off the hook.

Jahnvi(left) &Thomas(right)
Before we had anything to eat, we all got something to drink. We found that the pizza place had quite a sense of humor because of their funny jokes written down on the menu and wall. Jahnvi and Jackie shared a Caesar salad. We didn’t know what to get and we talked about what the final decisions were, so we decided to get two pizzas, the Zachary Special, and Pizza Blanca, both of which were delectable. 
Delectable Pizza
We stayed and talked for quite a while because we got there at 5 and left about an hour and half later at around 6:30. It was an enjoyable time and I feel that our time in Vanderbilt will be a rich experience for all of us.

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