Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The battle between five humans and two pizzas

I left school twenty minutes after the bell rang to start heading over to Zachary's Chicago Pizza. I wanted to make sure that I didn't have to encounter traffic on the way, thus I left quite early. It was 3:40 PM when I left and I had to be at the restaurant by 5:00 PM.  

I arrived the location earlier than I anticipated. I remained in front of the restaurant one hour early. I sat in a truck under great heat. I sweated immensely and soon came to the conclusion that the truck was hotter than the outside environment. I decided to get out the truck and walk towards the restaurant until I saw that Ms. Thomas and Jahnvi were already standing in front of it. Once I greeted them, Edward arrived and Jae-An followed.

Delightful Caesar Salad

We went into the restaurant and were seated immediately. We ordered two pizzas and received more than enough drinks. Janhvi and I also shared a delightful Caesar Salad with two thin pieces of bread sticks which where placed within the seasoned pieces of Romaine lettuce. While we waited for the two pizzas to arrive, we all answered a questionnaire.

They gave us water
and lemonade
After we answered the questionnaire, we shared our answers and got to know each other better. The questions ranged from the farthest we have traveled to whom our favorite famous person was. It was very pleasant getting to know the people in which I will be traveling with during the summer. 

The Lemon was delicious
The two pizzas arrived and we quickly dug in. Our topic of conversation soon switched to deranged dreams that we have all had in the past. It was quite funny. Time quickly passed and it was soon time to go. We grabbed our leftovers, Ms. Thomas paid for our meals and we soon headed out of the restaurant. We took pictures as a cohort and said our good-byes.

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