Sunday, May 15, 2016

Computers, Dark Circles, Red Vines, and Massive Packets

My day started with my alarm sounding on the floor near my bed. "Not again,"I thought to myself. My day miserably started at 5 in the morning. I laid still on my mattress contemplating of how little sleep I got the day before. "This is not healthy," I thought to myself, Yet I was unable to listen to my mind telling me to go to sleep once more. I sure did not want to see happy Don turn into Guantanamo Don if I arrived late to today's tutorial.

I slowly lifted the blankets and got out of bed and felt the cold wooden floor beneath my feet. I tried to walk as quietly as I could to reach my closet and find comfortable clothes to wear, but instead woke up the whole neighborhood.

I was ready by 6 AM and realized that I still had an hour extra that may be used to go back to sleep. I woke up one last time at 7 AM and gathered my notepad and five different pens. I left my house around 7:30 AM  and managed to arrive at De Anza High School before 8:00 AM.

 ILC banner in all its glory
I walked passed the gates where the Ivy League Connection banner was held and walked into the computer lab. I saw the room nearly full and decided to sit with four familiar faces. I sat with Aimee Cortez, Edward Hernandez, Diana Ramirez, and Mauricio Morfin. They were all familiar faces because we all attend Richmond High together.

As I sat in front of the black screen waiting for Don to give further instruction, I looked around the room. I noticed that we were all sleep deprived. I knew that to be true because we all had dark circles under our eyes. I look towards the front of the classroom and saw a table full of snacks. Don soon announced that we are able to walk towards the table and collect energy in the form of sugar and diabetes. My eyes dilated once I laid my eyes upon the container that held dozens of red strands that looked more like vines. Well, that's because they were Red Vines. I clenched my fists and used the last bit of energy I had to walk up to the snack stand and grab a couple of Red Vines. While I was at it, I also grabbed a couple of cookies, a bag of chips, and a bottle of water. I went back to my seat.

Don soon gave us three thick packets and one loose paper that contained all of the material that he was to review today, We quickly got down to business. Don reread the list of "I Understands", and began talking about two types of blogs. He talked about good blogs and bad blogs and also taught us how to correctly format and add pictures to our blogs to make them look professional and interesting. We were soon instructed to write a practice blog in which I briefly explained how I ended up in the computer room writing a blog. After the whole explaining process and once we had all written our blogs, Don loaned us a set of cameras to take pictures.
Goofy Picture

We all spent our twenty minute break taking funny pictures and some serious ones. Once the time ended, we went back into the computer lab and imported them into the computers and added them to the blog. After this was accomplished, Don changed the subject and began talking about loaner items.
He led us through a large packet of all of the materials that may be provided or lent by the ILC and then talked about the trip itself.

Serious PIcture
The tutorial was very productive and full of information. I now have a proficient understanding of how to blog and have a better idea of what to expect while at my summer program. Don explained, and we listened attentively. The dark circles under our eyes will be temporary, whereas the information given to us today by Don will be held by the computer that is the human brain.

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