Monday, August 1, 2016

My Time at Vanderbilt ~ Edward Hernandez

Being able to go to Vanderbilt really opened my eyes. From the moment you start to see everyone round you, you are special but no longer different. You are with people you can relate to and you don’t feel like there is a barrier between anybody because everyone has a similar goal. The absolutely best part is the people that I meet over there. Even if some people are rough around the edges, everyone there was supportive of me. People that I never talked to would encourage me to do things that I wouldn’t normally do on my own. Everyone becomes nice, social, and generous toward each other. 

In class, no ideas were wrong and everyone’s participation is included. If someone stays quiet, another person calls them out for their opinion. This, to me, is very valuable to see and experience because I have never been in this type of environment, so was nice and pleasurable to be able to be in it.

I was able to know people from Saudi Arabia who are phenomenal people. They are nice, and they try their best. Just being around them is something I value a lot. I had a roommate, and having to live with someone out of the blue was uncomfortable at first, but I enjoyed it. It was a relationship you had to have and I enjoyed it. Throughout it all, being at Vanderbilt is something I will not be able to forget. It was 3 weeks, but it felt like a year. It was over in a flash and I had an awesome time.

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