Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Time at Vanderbilt ~ Jae-An Wang

Having writer's block is pretty terrible. You just can't quite put the words out there that make sense in the way that you want them to, in the way that'll show exactly what you mean. This is exactly what I'm suffering from right now. Nothing I type will be able to show all you readers precisely what transpired this summer at Vanderbilt. But I can still try.

Ah, there we go.

I came to call this "home."
The first day, moving into our dorms: I'm scared. Scared of my roommate. Scared I won't make any friends. Scared I'll be hopelessly unprepared for class. But I put a smile on my face, brush the doubts out of my head, and step into Hank Ingram to meet everyone. No use in worrying, anyway.

Looking back on my time with VSA, I realize now that I barely even had to worry over the course of those three weeks. I met some of the funniest, friendliest, relatable people I know. Jiayu, my roommate: talking at midnight with you was always really funny! You hold lots of interesting views on China, people, anime, and much more. Keep the savagery down a notch, alright? There were others: Nakhul, Greg/John Green, Savanna...I can't list them all here, but their presence was half of why Vanderbilt was fun and meaningful to me.

VSA Engineering 2016.
If the people were one portion of the Vanderbilt experience, then another equally or even more important part of it was class. I was taught so much: how to work on a team to solve an ultimate problem, how our society is still far from being accessible to all kinds of people, how to use power tools without accidentally decapitating myself...thanks to Edward for that last one ;)

All in all, while I'm happy to be back, if I could go through that experience again, I totally would. I've emerged a more confident, outspoken young adult, and look forward to my own future.

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