Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Reflecting Back ~ Edward Hernandez

Being a part of the ILC allowed me to experience things I would have never done otherwise. It has shown me the world that is out there and the diversity of people there are.  From the start, it was difficult because of the support I was afraid I wasn’t going to get from my dad. But it was the complete opposite, he was the most supportive of my decision. ILC taught me that to get something you want, you might have to sacrifice other simple pleasures. You have to be able to balance work and fun. ILC made me aware of that fact, and that is how the real world works. There isn’t time to play any games. What has to get done, has to get done. 

The biggest thing the ILC has taught me has been communication. Whatever the reason may be, you have to constantly be aware of the fact that whatever responsibility has been given to you, there should be an answer before that due time. The earlier the better. Whatever you agreed to doing, has to be done. With your word of yes or no, comes the actions you must accomplish. 

ILC has been a door opener for me. Being able to take an engineering course has let me broaden my skill set for the future. It is what will allow for me to give back to the community. ILC isn’t going to give me a spot somewhere, but they gave me the opportunity to work for that spot, be at a school or job. That is what the ILC is, it is an opportunity for people like me to see thing that are out of reach and given the opportunity to get where I want to be. I would like to thank the ILC for everything that they have done.

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