Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Reflecting Back~ Jacqueline Rojas Cortez

I am currently suffering from the same thing that Jae-An is suffering from... Ah yes... "writer's block"... I just finished writing my most recent blog where I spoke of my times while at Vanderbilt and now I must speak of my time with the Ivy League Connection...

How I felt When I got Accepted..
My time in ILC began when I was accepted the day of the interview. I was so exited to hear the news. Especially since my mentor was there to see it. I went home feeling very emotional and with raging confidence. I just got a scholarship to spend my summer visiting universities and learning about something that interests me. I felt unstoppable.... I still do... I got home and everything quickly escalated. I walke
d in through the door and yelled "I'm going to Nashville!!!" They had no idea what was going on... Neither did I.. but the emotions were out there. I quickly explained to them that I had gotten into the ILC and was going to Nashville over the summer. My oldest sister began to cry and she hugged me really hard. I began crying too. It was a big moment for my family and I because I will be the first person to go to college. My Mom barely finished middle school and the rest of my siblings didn't know about college benefits so didn't even go to college. They wanted me to do what they didn't do at such a young age. They wanted me to care about my education and plan for my future. To this moment I have, and that is why my family is so proud of me and everything I do. 

I'm Going to Miss the Nashville Sky..
I spent the rest of the school year waiting for the moment of departure to come. I went to the dinner, the training, the orientation and meetings that all led up to the moment I had to say goodbye to my family for a month.

The moment I said goodbye to my family was quick but warm. I told them that I was going to soon be back, that I was going to call them everyday(which did not happen,) and that I was going to miss them dearly. I got onto the shuttle with the rest of my cohort and went off to the SFO Airport. The rest is history...

Miss You All...
I shared an entire month with such wonderful people and would love to relive it again. I cannot explain how thankful I am for being given the opportunity to go beyond the bubble I have grown up in and see what the world has for me. Without the Ivy League Connection I wouldn't be the person I am today. I have advanced academically and socially. I feel much more confident in myself and I know that I have great things ahead of me. Thank you Don Gosney, Madeline Kronenberg and to all of our sponsors for teaching me that in order to gain new opportunities I must open the door as soon as somebody knocks. I will take that and share it with the rest of the world..

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