Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We Filled Up the Bleachers...(Not Really)

I called my mentor Shasa quite a few times before I got a hold of her. I waited anxiously after school waiting for her to confirm that she was still going to accompany me to the Orientation that was to be held on the last Monday of the school year. She finally sent me a message saying that she was to pick me up at 4:30 PM because she was at the Bill Clinton rally held in Richmond. I was quite astonished but at the same time worried because I was not sure if I was going to get to the Orientation on time. 

My mentor arrived and I ran out of school, still in a rush to get to the Orientation on time. My mentor had invited her coworker Gabino to accompany us to the ILC Orientation. I quickly got onto Google maps to make sure that we still had plenty of time to get to Pinole Middle School, and my mentor and Gabino decided to make a quick stop at In & Out before getting to the school. I was very nervous. For some reason, much more than any other event concerning the ILC. I really dislike being late to events and making a "quick" stop to one of the busiest food stops in all of California was not helping.

Nice picture I took
before entering
the gymnasium
Don talking about what to expect for the summer programs.
Fortunately, we arrived right on time. It was 6:00 PM and people were waiting to be admitted into the school gymnasium. Don eventually let us in and we sat on the bleachers. For what seemed an hour, Don stood beyond us explaining to the parents and guardians of the ILC members what he had told us the day of the ILC training weeks earlier.

We were eventually ushered to either ends of the gymnasium to discuss what was to occur on our departure dates going to and leaving from Vanderbilt. We received a packet that described the condition of our dorms. Fortunately, the dorms in Vanderbilt will be in good condition.

In other news, we were told that we will no longer be going to visit the University of Columbia and The University of Pennsylvania. I was very disappointed because I really wanted to go visit these amazing schools. Instead we will be staying in Atlanta and Nashville for an extra day touring the area. I still am looking forward to spending my summer in the South and cannot wait to experience the culture at Vanderbilt.
Picture with fellow Vanderbilt Cohort.

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  1. I can’t apologize enough for the numerous snafus associated with this event. It didn’t matter that I had all of the approved paperwork or that I had even walked through everything with the school’s Principal just a few days earlier. The ball got dropped and I had to scramble just ti find someone to let us in. Much of what we had planned was shelved because of these snafus.

    Sorry, too, about Penn and Columbia being replaced with Emory in Atlanta. We simply ran out of money and had to do the best we could with the limited funds available. Don’t let anyone fool you--Atlanta is a happening town.