Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Orienting at Orientation

When my family and I arrived, we only saw a few chaperons. We all had no idea where to go and waited for Don in a huge circle talking about our different schools, and teachers vs. students games. Don came and told us all where to go and us ILCers helped him unpack and bring everything inside the gym, where the bleachers were very nice and comfy. 

The chaperons gave their mini speeches, telling our parents that they were all trustworthy and
The Vandy Families
responsible (which they really are). Each cohort broke off into separate groups, and discussed their plans for the trip. We were deciding where to go after visiting Emory University since the college tour is only two and a half hours long. So far, we have decided on either the Coca Cola factory, Georgia Tech, or Center of Disease Control. Then, we also have some free time in Tennessee, where we haven't decided what we will be doing exactly yet.  Whatever the plans will be, I know I will have a lot of fun with my cohort no matter what. 

My lovely croissant
After all the groups finished discussing, Don called us back so he could give information about loaner items, and more, to the parents. However, us Vandys were unable to put the bench back inside the bleachers as it was before. We spent about ten minutes trying to figure out what to do and eventually gave up sadly. Once that was done, we all talked some more and had a photoshoot. Then, Ernestina and I tried to convince Jae-An to use the infamous Tennessee pick-up line in Vanderbilt. (The one that goes "Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only one out of ten I see.") We took more pictures, and got tasty croissants from Ms.Scott! My family and I somehow ended up being the last family to leave, and I came home tired for some odd reason.
Hercules ILCers! Notice our flowery shirts?


  1. SMH YOU GOT THE PICK UP LINE WRONG -- "Are you from Tennessee, cause you're the only 10 I see." ;)

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